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The Psaltery Players of Russia - performance

The first Moscow competition "the Player of the year" 2018-04-22

From 22 to 29 April 2018 will be held I Moscow competition "the Minstrel of the year." The founders and organizers of the competition are the Foundation for the preservation and development of gusla players of Russia and the State orchestra "the gusli players of Russia". The contest will be supported by the State Russian House of National Creativity to them. V. D. Polenov, GBODO of Moscow "Children's music school im. V. V. Andreev," Methodological center in the direction of "Stringed musical instruments" musical schools and boarding schools of Moscow.

The competition will be attended by students of children music schools, children's schools of arts, pupils of children's art centers, club establishments, secondary special educational institutions of Moscow and Moscow region.

The competition sets the task of preservation and development of traditions of Russian national culture, propaganda of playing the harp, the training of teachers and accompanists, improvement of pedagogical skills and professional performance on the harp, identify talented musicians on the harp.

The jury of the contest – outstanding figures of art and culture.

22 APR 10:00 will be held auditions, 29 April at 13:00 will host the award ceremony and final concert winners of the competition. Venue – DMSH im. V. V. Andreeva.

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