Guslyary Rossii
The Psaltery Players of Russia - performance

II all-Russian festival of folk art "Dance and sing, my Russia!" 2018-03-18

March 18 at the State Kremlin Palace hosted a Grand festival "Dance and sing, my Russia!", which gathered more than a thousand participants. The program was organized by the State orchestra "the gusli players of Russia".

This year the festival was held for the second time. This large-scale celebration of folk vocal, dance and music with an interesting scenario-action and design in the form of artistic narrative, with the scenery and special effects.

On the stage of the Kremlin Palace orchestra "the gusli players of Russia" was presented a unique instrument from the office of the President of the Russian Federation: the harp is made from wood of the Kremlin Christmas tree 2018. A memorable and significant gift got the main conductor, honoured artist of Russia Maxim Yevtushenko.

The video of the presentation of the harp

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