Guslyary Rossii
The Psaltery Players of Russia - performance

"The ringing of the canvas. Ayvazovsky" 2018-05-12

Colorful program, already popular with viewers, "the Ringing of the canvas. Aivazovsky" may 12, the newly combined music and painting under the arches of the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul.

The projection of paintings by Ivan Aivazovsky on the walls of the Cathedral accompanied by the unique sound of the band – State orchestra "the gusli players of Russia". Harp, works of the classics, great acoustics, sand animation, unique colors – all created a magical atmosphere in the evening. The program was attended by "trio Bel Canto" (Khosrov Manukyan – Armenian DUDUK Michael Troshin – saxophone, Ivan Ipatov – on) and the master of sand animation Anna Ivanova.

Photo By Anna Ivanova (Instagram)

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