Guslyary Rossii
The Psaltery Players of Russia - performance

The opening of the new season of Moscow regional Philharmonic 2018-09-05

5 September at Government House in Moscow region with a gala concert opened the new concert season of the Moscow Philharmonic society. The program was called "All the best in music, from classical to jazz! and presented the leading artists of the Philharmonic hall, different styles and genres.

The program was attended by the soloist of the State orchestra "the gusli players of Russia" Olga Alekseeva (harp). With the assistance of Olga premiere of the prologue to the folk-mysteries of the "music of the Earth" Dennis Zabavnogo. In the execution of the work was also attended by Elizabeth Antonova (folk singer), folk music Ensemble "Pyrethrum", the Ensemble of accordionists "Russian timbre" p/R the honored artist of Russia Vyacheslav Kuzminskiy, the State ensemble of Russian music and dance "Sadko" p/R Daria Volyn State academic orchestra of soloists "Russian patterns" p/R Oleg Tarasov (solo zhaleyka – Julia Siskova and Maxim Zhbankov) and orchestra "Instrumental Capella" p/at the honoured artist of Russia Victor Lutsenko. The author conducted himself.

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