Guslyary Rossii
The Psaltery Players of Russia - performance


Artistic Director

People's Artist of Russia, professor

Born on October 23, 1943 in the city of Belovo of the Kemerovo region.

In 1963-1965 he served in the Armed forces. The artist of the song and dance ensemble of the Northern Fleet.

In 1970 graduated from the State musical and pedagogical Institute Gnesin.

1972 – the soloist-instrumentalist, the Moscow regional Philharmonic.

In 1979 he received the title of laureate of the Second all-Russian competition of performers on folk instruments (the harp is using).

In 1986 he received the title "Honored artist of the RSFSR".

Ю.Т. ЕвтушенкоIn 1987, in the brigade of artists of Moscow region traveled to the 40th army (Afghanistan).

In 1988, at the Moscow Philharmonic society has created the Chamber orchestra of the hussars.

In the early 90-ies has prepared and published a "Practical course of the game using the harp".

In 1996 awarded the title "honored artist of the Russian Federation".

In 2001 by decision of the Ministry of education Evtushenko Y. T. was awarded the academic title of Professor.

In 2003, for outstanding contribution to development of musical art of the Moscow region was awarded the distinction "For merits in front of Moscow region".

Знак Губернатора Московской области «Благодарю»
In 2009 awarded with the Governor of the Moscow region "Thank".

In 2016, was awarded the Honorary diploma of the President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin "For merits in development of culture and many years of fruitful activity".

In the field of culture and art has more than 40 years, including over 30 in Moscow region.

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