Guslyary Rossii
The Psaltery Players of Russia - performance

T. Yevtushenko

Practical course of the game using the harp

M., "Music", 1989. 118 p., ill.


Gusli "words" legendary Bojana in "the Word about Igor's regiment". The psaltery is using, Araucaria national epic, the epic of gusla players Sadko and Dobrynya Nikitich, Stavr of Radinovich and the Nightingale Budimirovic. Psaltery self-buzzing not selling, and cherished Russian folk tales. Ancient psaltery XI century frescoes of St. Sophia Cathedral in Kiev. Harp from the excavations of the Ancient Novgorod XI-XII centuries. Harp on bracelet from the treasure of Old Ryazan XII-XIII centuries. Ancient psaltery portrait miniatures of XIV-XVI centuries. And the harp, which you now hold in your hands, brothers. Another moment and you will hear the same "string buzz" from which came the name of the psaltery. This "string buzz" from time immemorial in many Nations were regarded as prophetic, can work wonders. Orpheus sounds cithara charmed the God of the underworld Hades, väinämöinen singing and playing the Kantele was ruled by natural elements, and Sadko his harp calmed the sea king. And in Proverbs it says: "Gusli self-buzzing: infest themselves, do play, do dance, sing songs".

Touch the strings, and you will see that this is true: they will play themselves.

Harp will help You Express everything in the epic says:

Played Dobrynya is uniloa,
In uniloa, sweetly...

Played Dobrynya fun.

The same Nikitich and still "wins" their "adventures", that is told to the accompaniment of the harp.

Even in ancient times there were three main types of gusli game: the performance of lyrical melodies, mostly in song, dance tunes and music and poetry recitals. However, at one time it seemed that the facts of the game no longer exists in a living existence. "Now the harp in the hands of the Russian people are very rare, exceptional phenomenon"* wrote in 1890, the famous folklorist and historian of music A. S. Famintsyn, the author of the book about Russian gusli. But it took almost a century and a folklore expedition Leningrad Conservatory under the direction of A. M. Machacova in 1981-1987 recorded in the Pskov region, more than eight hundred of gusli tunes from fifty of gusla players - our contemporaries. In 1985 he released the album "Pskov harp" with remarkable records of Pskov minstrel I. Mikhailova, in 1987 a set of two plates goody much" with the tunes of gusla players of T. I. Baranov and T. T. Timofeeva. So gusli the game is preserved, this ancient, relict species of the folk music culture can be heard in the living existence. Before you take up the harp is using, listen carefully to people's gusli tunes.

Deeply convinced that with the psaltery must begin the attainment of instrumental folk music culture, musical upbringing. In this case, it is important that you learn not just to rattle on some musical instrument, the harp. The instrument, which in itself is a form of national musical thinking embodied in music, in literature, and in art.

Practical course consists of several sections. For each study should be treated with the same diligence as they complement each other.

Music notation app is designed for practical understood the material. Some pieces can be used as a concert repertoire.

* A. S. famintsyn Harp - Russian folk musical instrument. SPb., 1890. P. 75.

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